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Injuries are quite painful and can restrict your ability to enjoy life as much as you want so getting the right treatment for your chronic or acute injury promptly is going to be important to the length of time it will take you to heal from the injury.

What Is The Difference Between Chronic and Acute Injuries

Most of us don’t know the difference between an acute injury and a chronic injury and most of us don’t care. All we know is that we are in pain, want the pain to stop and want our body to heal. But knowing the difference between acute and chronic injuries will better help you to understand the treatment plan for healing your body.

  • Chronic Injuries are often referred to as over use injuries because these injuries occur by repeatedly using and overusing a particular part of the body. Chronic injuries are normally found in people who play sports or exercise a great deal. Chronic injuries are injuries that normally develop over time.

  • Acute injuries are injuries that have a sudden onset and are usually the result of trauma like a car accident or a fall. When treated promptly and correctly acute injuries are usually of short duration. However if an acute injury is left untreated or improperly treated then the acute injury could become a chronic injury.

The type of injury treatment your doctor or physical therapist will prescribe will depend on the injury itself as well as whether or not the injury is chronic or acute. Regardless of whether you suffer from an acute or chronic injury the best way to receive the treatment you need is to go to an injury client or injury treatment center especially if such a clinic or center is recommended by your physician.


How To Choose An Injury Treatment Center

In some cases your doctor may recommend an injury clinic or treatment center to help treat your acute or chronic injury in other cases you may be ask to choose your own. When looking for a treatment center to help you deal with with injury you should look for a center that:

  • Has licensed and board certified physicians on the grounds

  • Has trained physical therapists that has years of experience in treating injuries

  • Has a caring staff

  • Offers individual treatment plans to deal with your specific type of injury

  • Has the ability to provide long term results

Keep in mind that recovering from any injury takes time and depending on the injury itself and whether the injury is acute the chronic will affect the amount of recovery time as will how well you follow the directions of your doctor and physical therapists. Should the therapy result in more pain (this sometimes happens during the initial therapy sessions) be sure to discuss how you are feeling with your physician or physical therapists immediately. Getting the right treatment for your acute or chronic injury will speed your recovery time and help your body to properly heal.

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