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Low Back Pain and Sciatica


Low Back and sciatica are quite common among adults. Every person at one point in their lives would feel pressure on the nerves in the form of numbness. As time goes on, the pain begins to get worse. Chiropractors are responsible for providing treatment options relating to low back pains and sciatic pains and a whole lot of various nerve issues. In case you do not have a competent chiropractor, it is advisable that you get one. Total Medical Physical Therapy is the best physical therapist you can always turn to for your various health conditions.

What are the causes of Low Back Pain?

Having low back pain can affect every part of your life. Causes for low back pain range in mild causes to more serious causes. 

Our Rego Park physical therapists will evaluate your condition to locate the source of your pain, and design a treatment plan to get you out of pain and functioning properly in the shortest amount of time. Some of the causes of low back pain are:

1. Herniated discs

2. Sciatica

3. Nerve impingement syndromes

4. Scoliosis

5. Spinal stenosis

6. Degenerative disc disease

7. Osteoarthritis of the spine/facet joints

8. Muscle spasm

9. Sprains & strains

Low back pain could also be from more serious conditions which our in-staff medical doctor would be able to run tests to determine if your low back pain is from:


1. Kidney problems

2. Osteoporosis


At Total Medical Physical Therapy, our team of expertly trained physical therapists and board-certified physician work together to get you better in the shortest amount of time regardless of the cause of the Low Back Pain And Sciatica pain.

​We utilize various manual therapy techniques along with active and passive stretching, strengthening programs, and the use of various passive modalities such as electric muscle cramps stimulation and ultrasound depending on what is best for your particular condition.


What can I do about my low back pain?

Our goal as physical therapists is always to correct the cause of pain and restore function without the use of medications, injections, and to avoid unnecessary surgeries. Thankfully the vast majority of our patients only require physical therapy to correct their lower back pain regardless of the cause. Call today 718-593-4277 The physical therapists at Total Medical Physical Therapy are here to help.

At Total Family Physical Therapy Clinic, we aim to continue providing top-notch healthcare services relating to nerve pains, low back pains, and sciatica pains. For several years now, we have remained the best clinic providing excellent physical therapy services for both young and adult patients in Queens, Rego Park, and Forest Hills, NY. We offer various musculoskeletal injuries services including routing checks, diagnoses, preventive care, and many more.

Also, we offer well-comprehensive and detailed professional services. Our physical therapy services involve most types of nerve pains, low back pains, and sciatica pains. We possess several years of experience helping our Rego Park, Forest Hills, and Queens’s neighbors recover from musculoskeletal injuries irrespective of the cause of the injury. We are the most trusted physical therapists that care a lot about the musculoskeletal health of you and your loved ones.

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