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Total Medical Physical Therapy is a leader in Rego Park Queens and surrounding neighborhoods in the treatment of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Leonardo Austria and Maria Yabut have years of experience working in several multi-discipline medical clinics in New York City and Queens New York. Dr. Eric Goldberg is a medical doctor and clinic director of Total Medical Physical Therapy and has over 10 years of medical experience treating car accident injuries. Whether you were involved in a small fender bender or a much more serious car accident you are in good hands with us.

Dr. Eric Goldberg will perform a complete and thorough medical examination to determine the exact nature of your injuries. Generally patients are sent for X-ray studies of injured areas, given pain medications and/or muscle relaxants and prescribed a regimen of physical therapy. Your health and well being are extremely important to us and we will ensure you receive exceptional treatment for all car accident injuries that you sustained. If medically necessary other testing may be performed such as Cat-Scans (looking to rule out acute fractures/bleeding), MRI studies (to confirm or rule out soft tissue injury), and EMG/NCV studies (to confirm or rule out nerve entrapments/ damage). Dr. Goldberg has routine conversations with Leonardo and Maria to ensure all is going smoothly with your physical therapy care. Our top priority is getting you back to optimal health as quickly as possible. Total Medical Physical Therapy has become a staple in Rego Park Queens and surrounding neighborhoods for the highest quality physical therapy care for car accident injuries.

Dr. Goldberg and his team of physical therapists will get to the exact cause of your car accident injuries. The majority of patients will typically respond favorably to physical therapy. However, if other services are needed we have you covered as well. Our office provides other medical services which can help such as acupuncture, trigger point injections, and joint injections. Dr. Goldberg also works with the top orthopedic spine, shoulder, knee, and hip doctors in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island if a patient should require epidural injections or surgical intervention. If you were recently injured in a car accident and require treatment for car accident injury, look no further our team of doctors and therapists are here to help. Call now (718) 830-2700

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