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Medical Team

Dr. Kent Siady, DPT

Dr. Kent Siady, a physical therapist at Total Medical Physical Therapy has over 5 years of clinical experience working in several multidisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation clinics in the Queens and New York City area. He also specialized in sports rehabilitation in the Philippines for 2 years. He received his formal education in the Philippines and became one of the top 5 best performing physical therapists in the nation. He achieved his doctorate degree in physical therapy from Arcadia University with distinction and went on to achieve a 98% in the physical therapy licensing exam. Aside from being a physical therapist he also mentors aspiring physical therapy students for one of the largest review centers in the USA.

Clinically, he is specially trained in several soft tissue and mobilization techniques, as well as functional movement techniques as well as kinesiotaping for sports related, motor vehicle accidents and work related accidents. He also a certified instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization practitioner. He believes that each patient is unique and doesn’t believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to patient care.

He believes the most important thing to consider is what caused the patient’s particular problem and is very focused on what each individual is looking to get out of physical therapy care, whether they simply want to get out of pain or return to a particular sport or activity. 

Kent enjoys playing sports, especially basketball, so he can relate to his patients looking to get back to playing sports or getting back to the gym. Kent has continued to attend various workshops after finishing his education so he can continue to provide top quality care to all of his patients. Kent works one on one with all of his patients using whichever treatment methods are most appropriate that will lead to the most rapid recovery and avoid future recurrence. Kent has worked with patients of all ages and ability levels and strives to provide the highest level of patient care. He also served as a missionary in Alaska for two years. He helped the various people and natives of Alaska, while being a fitness and rehabilitation expert for 100+ missionaries. We are very thankful to have Kent on our healthcare team as he is a very skilled Physical Therapist as well as being a very caring individual.

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