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Total Medical Physical Therapy combines exceptional physical therapy care with board certified medical doctors. Workers Compensation injuries can be devastating to an injured worker as there is often lost time from work. This can lead to financial worries as well as having to deal with the pain and suffering due to the injuries themselves. There are also a lot of headaches involved with filling out insurance forms. Thankfully we are here to help you with all of your healthcare needs. Dr. Goldberg is a board certified physician with over 10 years of experience treating workers compensation injuries and his staff has a lot of experience as well.

All injured workers must be evaluated by a medical doctor prior to beginning a physical therapy program. The medical doctor will be able to help you should you require any testing such as X-ray’s, Cat scans, or MRI’s or any medication or muscle relaxants. At Total Medical Physical Therapy our team of physical therapists and our board certified medical doctor will custom fit a physical therapy program to help you heal from any workers compensation injuries you have suffered. Typically physical therapy and other non-surgical treatments offered at Total Medical Physical Therapy (such as acupuncture or trigger point injections) will significantly reduce the need for surgical intervention.

However, depending on the severity of injuries sustained sometimes invasive surgeries are necessary. If you have recently suffered a work related injury and require physical therapy or medical care look no further our team of physical therapists and board certified physicians are here to help.

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